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Ad Specifications Guide

While there are exceptions in certain cases, the following is an active list of acceptable ad formats for most AdSpotter Network websites.

Not all placements can accept these units. For more information, please contact our sales team. Art sizes and formats are listed from those most widely available to those less common across our network.

Standard In-Page Ads
  • 728x90 - Leaderboard Ad Preview
  • 300x250 - Medium Rectangle Ad Preview
  • 120x600 - Skyscraper Ad Preview
  • 160x600 - Wide Skyscraper Ad Preview
  • 180x150 - Rectangle Ad Preview
  • 88x31 - Micro Bar Ad Preview
  • 728x250 - Billboard Ad Preview
Text Links
  • Single Word Text Links
  • One Line - Short Text Link
  • One Line - Long Text Link
  • Localized Text Link
  • "Sponsored by" Text Link
  • Inline Text Link Ad Preview
Alternative Banners/Buttons (limited) In-Service Text Links
  • Search Marketing Placement
  • Search Results - Constant Link
  • Email Footer Tagline
  • Control Panel Homepage Link
  • Small Business Home Page Link
  • Life-of-Service Directory Link
  • RSS Feeds - Feed Sponsor
Acceptable Practices and Formats Policies
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