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Advertising Solutions

Our advertising solutions offer advertisers a variety of ways to reach their target audiences. We offer many standard types of advertising through a wide range of content channels, making it easier for you to find the perfect place for your brand on our network. We also employ additional, non-traditional, methods to facilitate special opportunities for our long-term partners and those seeking to establish a lifelong partnership with our family of brands.

Content Affinities
Content packages of highly relevant inventory across the AdSpotter Network that deliver some of the most critical and frequently requested programming adjacencies.

Content Channels
Our content channels allow advertisements to appear across a diverse network on content types and alongside premier brands and rich content pieces. Advertisers have the choice to select the content channels that fit their goals best to create the highest ROI.

Data Targeting
Our targeting packaging provides for specific targets such as location by city, state, or country. Our content channels provide for targeting content relativity, however we can work with you to make your ad appear in front of a localized audience, rather than traditional run of network campaigning.

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